About SeisInfo

Software that seamlessly helps you organize, access
and manage your seismic data.

Why SeisInfo?

Accuracy. Integrity. Self-management.

Every important factor at the heart of your data management processes are also at the heart of SeisInfo.

Our software seamlessly intakes your data and helps you organize, manage and access what you need, when you need it, eliminating delays and reducing costs along the way.

Whether you are a junior, midsize or large oil and gas company SeisInfo is a scalable platform for your data.

Key Benefits

Data Management

An extensive array of management
capabilities and processes for your
seismic data assets – all in one interface.

Data Migration

Seamlessly move your seismic data
from spreadsheets, text files, or
inefficient data structures into SeisInfo.

Data Administration

Set up your system with default
settings and procedures to be
used for each database.

Sales and Trades

Manage your data transactions, track
sales processes and funnels, and manage
your client interactions and contacts.

Location Calculator

Convert between any datum,
projection, or coordinate
system on earth.

Support and Training

Full support and training is available,
and we’ll help you migrate your data
from existing systems into SeisInfo.

Company History

SeisInfo has been the dominant seismic data management software in the industry for over 20 years. With a simple and intuitive interface and a commitment to a straightforward and honest pricing model, our software is built for everyone.

SeisInfo is a product of Explor, a relentless developer of new seismic technologies. Because we also own a seismic library, we know how important it is to connect to your data. SeisInfo is integral to unlocking value from seismic data.

Trusted Partner

SeisInfo is proud to be an official AWS Technical Partner
for seismic data storage and management services.






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